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Creating a safer tradition for 2011
Agrability Now Available For New Jersey Farmers
Assistive Technology Helps Farmer With Lower Extremity Disability
Agrability Reaches 20th Year Milestone
This year Agrability celebrates 20 years of successful outreach to farmers and their families with disabilities. Nationally it is estimated that during that period more than 11,000 individuals have received personal, direct Agrability services.
Respiratory Health in Agriculture Webinar
Under occupational illnesses in industries, agriculture ranks high relative to respiratory illnesses. John May, MD from the New York Center for Agricultural Medicine and Health Center will discuss respiratory hazards, and respiratory protection.
Safety Farming with Vision Problems
Vision impairment can be a significant barrier to completing farm tasks safely and efficiently, but many vision problems such as cataracts are treatable. Farmers are an at-risk population for cataracts and the Mid-Atlantic Avrability Projects helps.
Defining the Prevalence of Disabilities in New Jersey
The Mid-Atlantic Agrability Project (MAAP) which is funded by the National Institute of Food and Agriculture was created to inform, educate and assist farmers and agricultural workers with disabilities, as well as their families.
National Farm Safety Week – 2012
Statistics indicate that 85% of farm accidents typically happen to family members so safety should be a family affair. The safety of family members is just as important as hired workers but sometimes is taken for granted.
Respiratory Health on Farms
The respiratory health of farmers has been identified as one of the major health concerns facing the farming population. Recent agrability surveys conducted by the Mid-Atlantic Agrability Project in New Jersey showed respiratory illnesses to be the …
Arthritis and Agriculture
Arthritis affects approximately one-third of all adult farm operators and is considered one of the leading causes of disability by customers of the USDA AgrAbility Project. With the average age of the American farmer now above 57, increasingly more f…