The Speaker’s Bureau supports the Mid-Atlantic Agrability Project by providing experts and professionals who will speak at various meetings. Requests may come from a variety of organizations to include Cooperative Extension, service providers such as VR and Maryland TAP, health organizations such as American Lung Association and Arthritis Foundation, farm organizations such as Farm Bureau, allied farm organizations such as DPI and commodity groups, civic clubs and many other interested organizations.

Mid-Atlantic Agrability Project
This presentation will provide an overview of Agrability and how it helps farmers with disabilities. Discussion will include details of the intake process, partnerships, funding and provide examples of success stories from local communities. You will see examples of assistive technologies used to help farmers return to active farming.

Assistive Technologies
Mid-Atlantic Agrability works with many organizations to provide assistive technologies to farmers so they can continue to make their livelihoods in farming. This presentation will showcase common technologies being used by farmers with disabilities. Most of these technologies apply to the workplace but some will be for off-the-job applications.

Arthritis is the leading cause of disability in agriculture. In this presentation you will learn more about the disease and how to cope with it. The discussion will cover treatment and assistive technologies to help individuals remain actively independent and able to remain in the workplace.

Respiratory Health
There are many respiratory hazards on the farm and this presentation will identify the hazards and discuss protecting oneself. It is sometime the things that you don't see that do the most harm. There will be a show and tell component to the presentation discussing the latest technologies used to protect farmers and others exposure to respiratory hazards.

Farm Safety
Farming is one of the most hazardous industries in the US and more children die on farms than in any other industry. Not surprisingly injuries on farms are often traumatic given the powerful equipment and other hazards in the workplace. This presentation will discuss the leading types of farm injuries in the region and identify safety practices than can be implemented to prevent injuries.

Making Farming Easier, Safer and More Productive
As technology changes, farming changes. Today's technology on tractors is a good example - ergonomic seats, monitors, joy sticks, automatic couplers, etc. This technology makes farming easier, safer and more productive. There are additional technologes for the ageing farm population and those with other physical challenges. This presentation will cover a wide range of technologies for tractors, farm shops, mobility aids, animal facilities and more.

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