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The Mid-Atlantic Agrability Project (MAAP) is excited about working with and supporting farmers with physical limitations and health conditions. The reason is that “when a disability strikes a farm family, everything changes except perhaps the desire to continue farming.” Farmers want to continue to make their livelihoods on their farm and lead successful careers in agriculture.
MAAP helps farmers tackle the health challenges that sometimes come with farming like: amputation, arthritis, chronic back pain, hearing and visual impairment, respiratory problems, head injuries, stress and other disabling conditions.
MAAP and its partners are focused on providing resources, ideas and services so that farmers can continue to farm. Our organization encourages growth and a spirit of independence in agriculture. It is having no “no-limit” type of thinking and a spirit of “I can do this.”
Farmers are encouraged to visit the Contact Us page and contact the Case Manager in your area for more information about the project. Please don’t hesitate to call or email me or the MAAP Staff if you have any questions. Agrability can provide solutions, remove barriers and help preserve your way of life.
Ron Jester, P.E.
Project Director, MAAP
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Disability, Illness, or Medical Specific Resources

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